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What Are the Most Common Types of Truck Accidents

When we think of trucking accidents, we think of big rigs crashing into pillars or cars getting rear-ended by semi-trucks. But the truth is that there are a number of other types of truck accidents that you should be aware of. Road safety audits have shown that truck accidents are quite common, and often there’s […]

What Should You Do When Insurance Totals Your Motorcycle

When you’re involved in an accident that damages your motorcycle, you’ll likely have to deal with motorcycle insurance. Having insurance is the best way to ensure you get the compensation you deserve when you’re in an accident. Whether you have a classic Harley-Davidson or a sleek Suzuki, you risk insurance deciding to total your motorcycle […]

What You Need to Know About Nursing Home Abuse

When you are no longer able to provide care for an elderly loved one, you need to find the right nursing facility for their specific needs. These facilities are designed to provide residents with a clean and safe environment to live in. Nursing homes accept patients with medical conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. […]

How to Know If You Suffer from a Mold Injury

Mold is a naturally occurring fungal growth that thrives in dark, damp, and humid environments. They can grow on walls, ceiling tiles, wood products, leaking pipes, drywall, fabric & upholstery, carpets, and any other space where moisture resides for prolonged periods of time. Though mold spores affect each person differently, people with weak immune systems […]

What Should You Do After a Trucking Accident?

Being in a trucking accident can be pretty scary. Figuring out what you need to do in the immediate aftermath of the accident can be pretty challenging. Especially because the steps you take following the accident are crucial to ensuring fair compensation for any losses incurred. We’ve designed an 8-step plan of action for you […]

What Are the Steps You Should Take after a Car Accident?

Car accidents are terrible but not rare incidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are over 5 million police-reported car accidents in the United States per year. Florida is one of the top ten states in the United States in terms of fatal car accidents. Nobody wants to be involved in […]

Is PIP Insurance Mandatory in Florida?

Florida is one of the ten states that offer personal injury protection (no-fault) insurance policies for automobiles. Rather than establishing fault through the court system, injured drivers could receive immediate medical coverage of up to $10,000. The goal was to limit the amount of money spent on the court system and reduce the payment delay […]