Four Crashes leaving 3 dead in Polk County.

Four Crashes leaving 3 dead in Polk County.

Pedestrian Killed in Hit-and-Run

There are so many dangerous car accidents that happen every single day. Three separate accidents happened in Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Haines City. Three people left dead and 1 was critically injured. A 77-Year old Davenport woman was fatally injured in Haines City her car hit another car that was trying to make a left turn. The vehicle that tried to make a left turn flipped. The 77-year old Davenport woman’s car ended up traveling 150 feet.

An 8-year old grandson was ejected from a Tacoma that was pulling a flatbed trailer. The other three people in the vehicle were not harmed. The 8 year-old grandson was flown to Tampa General Hospital, but did not live.

Another accident happened in Winter Haven as well. A 63 year old man struck into a 24 year old man. As they both went out to access the damage, the 63 year old man was in the middle lane and was struck by a vehicle. This is why it is so important to go into somewhere safe after a car accident if it is possible.

At 7:30 PM, there was a crash involving a semi truck and a Chevy Silverado. The Silverado was crossing the southbound lane into the path of a Peterbilt Semi-truck. The crash caused the Silverado to roll. Thankfully they both were not severely injured.

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